Secret of eternal happiness – 25 things that make you happier

As a children you were told – “Work hard and one day you will be successful  which will make you happy forever”. Today, we are well educated, employed and getting a decent salaries to full fill our basic requirements. Still the element of happiness is missing. We also realize that work may keep us busy or give us more money but need not necessarily make us happier. In India, many turn to Self-styled Gods like Asaram Bapu, Nirmal Baba and several others to know the secret of eternal happiness. Many of these Human Gods do nothing but preach something which they never follow. In the process people end up making these so called Gods happier at the cost of their hard earned money, fear and lack of knowledge.

25 things that make you happier

Humans have remarkable control over their own happiness. we have compiled 25 different ways to boost your mood. Happiness is different for each person, but hopefully at least one of these methods will help you find your inner sunshine.

We request you to try one of the following for at least 30 days and see the change. We would also like hear your experiences. (You can read this in detail at Business Insider)

  1. Draw pictures of unhealthy foods
  2. Be both an optimist and realist
  3. Get your hands dirty
  4. Become a florist or a gardener
  5. Have sex – with one partner
  6. Spend money of many small pleasures rather than a few big ones
  7. Eat lunch on the beach
  8. Make your bed
  9. Focus on what you are doing right now
  10. Move to Australia
  11. Eat seven servings of food and vegetables each day
  12. Maintain a position of power
  13. Master a skill
  14. Seal your worries in an envelope, literally
  15. Surround yourself with happy people
  16. Volunteer
  17. Play with puppies
  18. Smile more (even it is fake)
  19. Live in relatively cool temperature
  20. List the three good things that happened today
  21. Spend money to free up more time
  22. Stop comparing yourself to others
  23. Shorten your commute to work
  24. Exercise
  25. Listen to upbeat music

We recommend you to read original article at Business Insider.

What do you know about western culture?

Many a time, our politicians blame western culture which, according to them, is polluting  our culture. Some times we also blame western lifestyle for increasing dis-trust in our society. But before we agree or disagree with that, do we actually know anything about western world. How correctly Hollywood represents the western society. Have we ever given a thought on how they have become the wealthiest in the world. Why every new tech company comes from that part of the world? Is it sheer intelligence blended with luck or there is something which makes them the most powerful and wealthiest countries of the world?

Truth About Western Clture

Amit Chaturvedi went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, in USA to complete his higher studies. He has written some of his experiences and truth about American Lifestyle. The Business Insider has published his experiences on its website. We, at Digitalimpulse did a survey to find out what other international students have to say about this article. To our surprise almost 100% of our respondents said that what Amit has written is absolutely true and it has been a point of discussion for them when they visited America for the first time.

The most surprising thing about America

  • Nobody talks about grades here.
  • Everyone is highly private about their accomplishments and failures. Someone’s performance in any field is their performance alone. This is different compared to India where people flaunt their riches and share their accomplishments with everybody else.
  • The retail experience is nowhere near as fun/nice as it is in India. Because labor is cheap in India, there is always someone who will act as a “personal shopper” to assist you with holding your clothes, giving suggestions, etc. In America, on the other hand, even if you go to a Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, there is almost nobody to help you out while you’re shopping. Shopping in America is more of a commodity / chore than it is a pleasurable activity

We recommend you to read full article here and let us know your feedback and comments:

Quick Review of LinkedIn Sponsored Update – Marketers’ Dream and CEO’s delight

Well! All LinkedIn page managers must be expecting this for few months specially after the introduction of Analytics tab on LinkedIn Company Pages. LinkedIn has formally introduced the sponsored update feature for company pages. (Unlike Facebook individuals can’t promote their status updates). We tested this feature on our own LinkedIn company page (

Our main purpose of the campaign was to test the various features of the sponsored update. Though it is too early to make judgement but following are quick observations which can help you use LinkedIn Sponsored Update feature more effectively.

  1. LinkedIn sponsored update feature is really expensive. You need to bid a CPC of at least Rs. 136 ($2.25) of CPM of at least Rs. 205 ($3.5) to get your ad running. In this budget you can Boost your Post for whole day on Facebook.
  2. You can select the target audience in LinkedIn way. That is you can target professionals from desired region, industries, companies, functions, seniority, designation etc.
  3. Our average CPC was almost Rs. 106 ($2).
  4. The best part of LinkedIn Sposored Update is Free Social Action. It means while promoting your content users can follow your company page on LinkedIn without visiting the page or clicking the sponsored link.
  5. And the delight is all Social Actions (Follow, Comment, Like & Share) are completely free.
  6. Immediate approval of ads makes it easy to run ads quickly.
  7. Most of the clicks are valid so LinkedIn analytics match closely with Google Analytics Data. (Unlike Facebook where invalid clicks is a major challenge)
  8. Dream of Marketers/Brand Managers – to reach target audience – comes true here. Yeah, it is not an exaggeration. You will realize it when you find out that all the audiences which were engaged were your true target audience. For e.g while creating ad I selected entire professionals from India. But after completion of the campaign I found that only marketers had interacted as content was relevant only for them.
  9. Reasserting the fact that “Content is the King”
  10. Compatible with all devices i.e. desktop/laptop, mobile and tablet.
LinkedIn Sponsored Update Snapshot - Desktop view
LinkedIn Sponsored Update Snapshot – Desktop view

LinkedIn Sponsored Update Tablet

LinkedIn Sponsored Update on Mobile

Please write your experiences and features if I have missed out any thing. Opinions and feedback are most

SEO Tutorials – How to learn SEO

Confused about How to Learn SEO? Here is a simple and comprehensive SEO tutorial

Had a great idea, powered it with your research and thoughts and finally you have posted content on your website or blog! Next step would be telling the world about it. The members of the website or people who know about your web presence will immediately come to know about your updates. However how to reach the big bad world? How can a nice piece of information be available to mass audience, cutting barriers of countries and languages?

The answer is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is the best and the only genuine way to distribute your content to the masses through search engines like Google, Yahoo and AOL. Heren we have presented a simple SEO tutorial to help you improve your site visibility.

Keen on learning the basics of web optimization? If you’re an SEO enthusiast thinking as to how to learn SEO, read some handy basics and tips below to begin with.

Understanding the SEO basics – What is SEO

The standard way in which a search engine displays results is that for a given generic term of a single word, you will find that a search engine would deliver thousands of web results. It is also an internet truth that people looking for some kind of information on the internet do not go beyond the first few pages of search results and would rather play with the search terms and attributes or in other words modify their keywords to find the best result.

Hence it becomes necessary to feature on the first pages of any search engine to take forward any internet marketing campaign successfully.

The answer to all internets marketing fund as lies in three basic words Search Engine Optimization. Using the technique of search engine optimization content is optimized in such a manner that the search engine realizes its relevance and popularity to the search keywords and phrases.

All search engines use certain metrics to analyse the content and rank them and search engine majors like Google and yahoo have an algorithm and formula to rank these pages. These search engines uses web crawlers or spiders, which are automated software that visit each page on internet at predefined intervals and update their database as to keywords used, topics, links and update. Thereafter, the web pages are indexed. By indexed we mean they are given page ranks and then stored in the database.

The search engine update their index regularly using spiders or web crawlers designed for purpose and deliver pages to search engine in accordance with the rankings.

In order to avoid any kind of manipulation of fair search practices, search engines like Google and yahoo keep on updating and modifying their search algorithms.

Hoping that the above basic help put light on how to learn SEO, we move ahead with taking note of some does and do-nots for effective SEO.

Domain Name: good domain name is a starting point for all things to come. When we search for a particular keyword, there will be at least a few websites on the first page, in which you have search keyword in the URL itself. That is because a domain name comprising of a searched keyword indicates that entire website is about searched keywords and hence is ranked higher. Therefore, a domain name plays an important role in where your blog is ranked in search engine.

A few considerations towards selecting a domain name are

1) Try to keep your domain name the same as your blog name.

2) Try to keep a generic name for your blog or web address.

3) Keep it short and simple.

4) Avoid hyphens in the domain name, even though they are allowed, it may be difficult for people to understanding what hyphen actually means.

SEO Tutorial - What is SEO
SEO Tutorial – What is SEO

Title of the Post/Article

When any content is posted on a webpage or a blog, the content management software automatically adds the page title in the URL of the page. Since the URL is being made out of a title, it is obvious that the title should be a very good one and clearly explain the content as have optimum keywords in it.


Keywords are the words or phrases that essentially indicate the target words of your content. These words are the ones which should definitely appear in your text and your webpage or blog title. In the website these keywords are to be defined in the “Metatag” in the head portion of the page. In the context of the blogs and community of the page, process is automated and you would need to fill a box with keywords or “labels “separated by commas.


Another tag which is used in HTML to describe in short what your page is all about is known as the description task. If you are making your own website, use this tag and ensure that a summary of your page, including your keywords is defined in this tag.  The description is what you see in the search result. It needs to be ensured that not too many keywords are stuffed together in the description.

Keywords in the text

Once you have a specified keyword list for your blog and website make sure that they appear in the main text, the right number of times. There is no specific formula to define the right number and that is something you have to make work out by yourself. The number of times the keywords appear in the text defines the keyword density on the page.

Use keywords in the links

When you are inserting a link in the text, there are two ways to go about it. One is to straight away copy and paste the link URL INTO YOUR CONTENT. The other is to convert a word or few words of your text into a hyperlink. This way you can use keywords in the hyper linked text.


There are two types of links in a website that affect the search engine optimization, namely; Forward Links and Back Links. Forward links are the ones you specify or link to into your website. Forward links are important because they indicate further reading on the subject or a validation of what you are saying. The more popular or relevant is your forward link, the better it is for your page.

Back Links to your page indicate that your content has been validated as good by someone else, who has taken time to link to your website.

Update Content regularly


Google or other search engines decide the frequency of updating your website in their search index based on the frequency of fresh content being added to the website. If you continue posting fresh content regularly there are better prospects of getting indexed faster on the search engine.

Length of the post

It is not advisable to have short posts. A good post featuring on the top of the search engine is always comprehensive and provides good content to the user.


Promote your content. This can be done by using any of the techniques such as search engine advertising and social media optimization.

Things to avoid in Search Engine Optimization

Link farming or harvesting

There are people who pay offer hundreds of rupees for backlines that can get them more traffic and references. However with smart crawling techniques as adopted by google it becomes difficult to fool a search engine for long.

Pages that have only link

Avoid having pages which have got only links and nothing much to offer.

Some strict adherences to be followed while implementing SEO


ü  Avoid bad neighbourhood and don’t link to scam websites.

ü  Avoid using the automatic linking software as your website can be banned permanently.

ü  Don’t use the same titles, descriptions throughout your website.

ü  Avoid keywords stuffing.  Some people use same keywords many times to increase the keywords density.  It can penalize your website from Google permanently.

ü  Do not participate in the links exchanges and links farms programs.

ü  Don’t use the tiny or invisible text.  Some people do it in order to get high rank showing more text to the search engines.

ü  Don’t spread duplicate contents across several pages or several domains.

ü  Avoid building your website entirely in Flash.

ü  Don’t use irrelevant keywords in your web pages.

ü  Avoid doorway pages.

ü  Don’t check your ranking in Google and Yahoo every day.

ü  Don’t use black hat SEO techniques.

ü  Don’t hire incompetent SEO firms.

ü  Don’t believe everything in SEO that you come to know through internet. You need to do research online learn as much as possible about SEO.

ü  Don’t over optimize your website.

ü  Don’t forget to make your website search engine friendly.

DigitalImpulse SEO Master Lab

Still confused about how to learn SEO? Have flair of playing with content and urge to show up high on ranking. The DigitalImpulse SEO Master Lab is your answer to all your worries about how to learn SEO. With DigitalImpulse marketing master class

1)  Learn why keywords are so important

2) Keyword Research Strategy

3) How modern search engines work

4) Link Building

5) Content writing for effective SEO

6) Google analytics essential training

7) Social Bookmarking

8) Money Conversion

Book an appointment with the DigitalImpulse experts today and we will take care of all your worries about how to learn SEO!

How to earn from Google AdSense

Defining Adsense – How to earn from Google AdSense

Adsense automatically designates what ads will appear on your website according to the nature of articles found on the website.  Since this is an automated process, one does not have to do much effort to ensure the right ads will be on your site if you change the content. Ads are matched by this service as was way of producing a supplement, passive income in addition to content already found on a webpage. By having good content on your website, you can generate decent revenue from your website. In this article we have explained how to earn from Google AdSense and how to earn more from your Google AdSense account.

Google AdSense comes in three forms and each is designed for a different purpose. These are Adsense for content, Adsense for search and premium Adsense. Google Adsense is an easy program to apply for and there is no minimum traffic required.

Adsense for Content

Google AdSense for content is set of advertisements associated to content found on intended website. You get paid every time a person clicks on the ads. Ads are strictly by the virtue of the content which your page contains and you get paid for providing these ads.

Adsense for search

This program affords visitors to your website a huge level of convenience by adding Google search box on to your webpage. Providing this option to visitor is a huge benefit to you as the publisher in sense that a visitor would never have to leave your page to search on the internet. This increases productivity for you by allowing the customer to stay on your site and be exposed to advertisement shown because you are hosting Google search.

Included with Google Adsense is the same suite of control and options available with Google Adsense for content. This suite of controls and options gives you power to customize and filter advertisements, analyze and review income and effectiveness of advertisement shown on the page.

Google Adsense Premium services

The premium Adsense services from Google expands upon the basic suite of controls and options available through the other services. Availability of premium services is based on eligibility of the website.

Some of the AdSense tools which you will frequently use

AdSense Sandbox

Google Adsense sandbox tools is a free tool to preview Adsense ads for specific keywords and domain.

AdSense Preview Tool

Google Adsense Preview Tool will display Google ads per country for any keyword(s) or webpage

AdSense Calculator

The online Google Adsense Calculator is used to estimate your google adsense earnings based on page impressions, page CTR and cost per click or calculate any one of the values from the other three.

Adsense Heat Maps

Adsense heatmap is an official guide from adsense which works as best Google adsense placement guide

Adsense Notifier

Adsense Notifier simply shows your adsense stats on the status bar and updates the stats automatically.

Adwords Traffic Estimator and Bid tools

The google adwords traffic estimator shows average position and cost much different than the actual campain.

AdSense Dos and Dont’s

Adsense is about getting advertisements in front of users. Google has to get those ads out on Adsense enabled spaces because of advertisers that are using Ad words. Your web page should be built for actual live users, which can be of mutual benefit to all stakeholders.

Here is a list of some things to be taken care of, if you wish to implement Adsense-

Do not build a website for Adsense!

Do make your advertisements well public and viral!

Do not click on your own ads or influence people to get ads clicks

Do not hold clicking contests

Do not pay others to view your ads

DigitalImpulse  I-sense services

DigitalImpulse I-sense services are India’s first and premium Ad-sense services for small and large businesses. If you are keen on earning money through Adsense and want an expert partner in assisting you through effective Ad-sense journey DigitalImpulse is the place to be! As Adsense approval terms get harder day by day we help you assist in making the journey simpler.

Google Adsense is the best way to earn money online! However most of people fail due to lack of proper knowledge of google ethical practices. With DigitalImpulse I-sense services, maximize your revenue today our easy to implement Adsense methodology.

Making Fair and Ethical Money with google Adsense-

1)      Create or register your website or blog

2)      Develop a website or content minimum 2 months in advance for Google Adsense approval

3)      Create Unique content for your Webspace/Blog

4)      Play with search engine optimization techniques to improve your search rankings

5)      After you are sure your website or blog has passed all preliminary quality checks , Apply for Adsense approval


DigitalImpulse   I-sense services helps our clients in

1) Getting started with Adsense

2) Working in tandem with Google’s policies

3) Building a Content rich website

4) Designing comprehensive digital programs implementing Adsense and Search Engine Optimization

5) Expertise in Adsense for Mobile

6) Managing Adsense referral Programme

7) Creating and managing Adsense rich Blogs

8) Optimizing on your Adsense revenue

Google Ad sense success depends upon the marketer’s ability to read Google’s mind and adapt to Google ethical code of practices. At DigitalImpulse we have imbibed the Google vision of providing universally accessible information for the masses. The list of activities that can help you improve your ad-sense revenues is long and involved, however at DigitalImpulse we have comprehensive solutions that would help you generate steady revenue through ad sense.

DigitalImpulse house Indias best team of digital marketing experts including website developer, content creators and digital marketing experts to improve your rank on all kinds of search engines. DigitalImpulse I-sense services helps you create awareness, sales and increased profit for every amount of money spend. We utilize high quality content and best in class marketing channels to boost your business.

Book an appointment with your experts to manage your online assets and create effective and process driven digital marketing solutions.

Google AdWords

Defining ADWORDS

Adwords is not just a basic term but refers to a democratic institution where you find keywords you want to bid for, compete in real time auction with others and the highest bidder gets to display advertisements.

According to Google’s small business guide for ad words, paid search advertising is a great boon for small and midsized businesses, because unlike other forms of advertising there is no fixed investment or minimum amount spent. Adwords and other forms of paid advertisings can fit in your available budget and help you get complete control of your advertising budget.

Designing a successful Adwords campaign with DigitalImpulse involves three comprehensive steps –

1) Preparation of the campaign

Preliminary steps while starting with an Adwords campaign involves determining your Adwords objectives. This step involves preparing a broad overview of Adwords and working on an Adwords account structure. Extensive research is involved in calculating your maximum bid price and calculating you’re basic and advance key word lists.

2) Setting up an Ad word Account

After doing a feasibility study for your Adwords needs, sign up for your Adwords account. Next, move on setting up your Adwords campaign details. The second step is crucial step as here you need to write killer Adwords ADs for your campaign!

3) Optimizing on your Adwords account

Once you have designed and implemented your Adwords campaign one needs to optimize your Adwords account to get maximum return on investment. The main objective of your optimization campaign should be getting a high Google quality score. This step is all about increasing your pay per click rates and lowering your minimum bids.

Advertising your business with Google Adwords

Google Adwords has revolutionized the way marketing is done online! If you are looking for a great way to get more traffic for your website instantly and effectively, Google Adwords is the answer. Google Adwords are extremely easy to use and effective traffic generating platform for your web space. Google Adwords delivers advertisement either when a customer searches for specific keywords on Google home page or a web developer’s website that offers information that is relevant to your ad keywords.

The most crucial benefit of Google Adwords programme is its cost effectiveness. Google Adword is extremely affordable as little as $.05 per online visitor.



Importance of Google Quality Score in 2013


In 2013, if your digital advertising campaign has a quality score of 10, your business can save estimated 50% on the cost of each click. Quality score is extremely important as it is determinal to the success of you Adwords campaign. Quality scores determine how much you pay for your advertising on Google and how much exposure you get.

According to Google, there are two types of quality scores. Search quality network quality score is different from content network quality score. Also there are different quality scores for setting minimum bids and ranking ads for content network, quality score and the maximum cost-per-click determine the ad rank on content page. For search, quality scores, along with maximum cost oer click determines ad ranks and determines promotion to top of page.

Determining Click through rate for your ads and keywords is the single largest factor in determining quality score. The important thing to remember is that Click through rate is normalized to your position so your CTR is judges good or bad for quality score reasons based on your performance of your advertisements.

With DigitalImpulse Adwords campaign you can effectively raise your quality score by improving on your high quality scores. With DigitalImpulse Adwords campaign our experts help you bid on branded keywords to get on an average Click through rates between 30% and 80%. This creates a tremendous uplift in your keyword quality score.

Besides at DigitalImpulse we understand the importance of being active and taking quick actions on all advertising calls to optimize on your Google quality score.

Maximizing your return on Investment through DigitalImpulse Ad words campaign involves following five steps –

Selecting highly specific list of keywords

In order to get great returns from your search engines, narrow down on specific topics that your website is all about. The visitors should be specifically interested in what you have on offer through your address.

It always beneficial to use search phrases with at-least 2000-5000 monthly services as less than 1 percent of search leads to clicks and anything less than that would not lead to good search traffic.

Using the keywords in the first line of your ads

Google reads the mind of the researcher through the keyword they select. Hence users are telling you what they are most interested in through their Google search habits. You should mirror back the subject of your webpage by reflecting those keywords in your digital ads.

Use the keyword again in ad-specific landing pages

For any successful ad-word of pay per click campaign must have a great landing page. Advertisers pay heavily in advertisements but link the page to a home page and then leads do-not get converted into sales. Web users are fast to look for relevant content in a page and do-not spend excess of time on a website unless they find a page to be highly relevant.

Capitalize on First letter of every word in your copy

Capitalizing relevant words in your online ad leads to improved readability and higher click through rates.

Do not always run after the #1 spot

The order in which advertisements are displayed determines how much each advertiser bids for the key-phrase. Digital advertisers run after number one position and measure the success of a page only through high ranking on search engines.

However the marketing truth remains that while ads appearing first have the highest click-through rates, they are often the last would that are converted.

Hence instead of spending your entire marketing budget on advertisements that cause higher clicks and no conversions, it is essential to have an intellectual ad word campaign.

If you’re a business house looking for bottom line growth through new leads, advertise now with DigitalImpulse Adwords Management services!

Cost Effective Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Cost effective marketing strategy for SMEs in India. Subscribe full publication at

Cost effective marketing strategy for SMEs in India

Cost effective marketing strategy for SMEs in India

Internet can do more to your business than you think

Impact of internet on global business

With the advent of internet and World Wide Web, the world has turned into a global village. Internet is not just a source of entertainment and information now-a-days, it is a jukebox to connect, trade and shop. It seems to have captivated our culture. Articles about the Internet can be found everywhere, from the Wall Street Journal to cooking magazines, and in every conceivable medium. Hence, if you wish to see your business flourish you need to have a strong bonding with internet.

You can start your own online business now by registering a domain here.
Unlimited .Coms for $8.99 each!

With more people getting interested in internet, it has become one of the most influential and popular media. Hence internet is one of the best ways to advertise your products. Advertising products on popular social networking sites is a common trend. Facebook here plays an important role in business enhancement as you can very easily post your product add here. Advertising on internet is also great because you can showcase all your products with a brief description of each and every item and price tags attached to them. It is cost saving as you need not have all the products in reality in your store. You can just give a virtual example of all the products that you may have in your store and can gradually gather them based on the demand. Thus, it is a great way to apply just in time methodology in your business, you only manufacture or collect product when the same is demanded by the customers.

It is cost saving because you need not employ too many people to look after your business and attend the customers. Customers can get an online demo of your products and can order online as well.  Internet saves your money in the way that you need not hire a huge space for setting up your shop. As most of the transactions happen online and fewer employees are hired, you can just engage some free space available at your home and start your business. Thus internet makes business ideas more affordable.

Internet is an all time companion, be at home, office or on the way. Hence, if your business is available on internet, it is more likely that you will get more customers. Customers with a hectic schedule often prefer to shop online than hopping from one shop to another to choose their product. Hence, an online store is a basic necessity for your business. If you are providing some online services like website designing, you may get international clients as well. Thus internet helps you to get more customers from different corners of the society.

Besides attracting customers, it is a great tool for safe and organized data management. Various data management tools are available on internet which can maintain your accounts and give you a detailed profit and loss analysis of your business that you have incurred over the years.

Internet not only helps you to reduce cost and increase profit. It also accomplishes your corporate social responsibility. Advertising your products on internet prevents you from printing, online payment is followed by e-bills hence reducing number of hardcopy cash memos, thereby saving paper.

Moreover, you can get better customer feedback via internet. Face to face interactions may prevent customers from expressing their dissatisfaction. But satisfaction and dissatisfaction both will be much expressive and vivid online. Moreover, as customers need not be in long queues or keep waiting on telephone lines they are more satisfied in online shopping.

If you are a multi national company with offices scattered world wide, internet is the best solution to reduce your expenses. Audio and video conferences save lot of money by saving the cost of transportation. It is time saving as well. Any important update can be floated in very less time to many people with the use of internet. Hence employees can be kept updated and all the employees on the globe can be on the same page.

Employees Interacting via Video Conference
Employees Interacting via Video Conference

Internet in the light of Indian business

Speaking in context of India, internet has revolutionized the business class. The majority of Indian population resides in remote villages where the primary occupation or business is agriculture. People engaged in this occupation are often fooled by the traders, middleman and moneylenders. The farmers are not aware of the market price of their crops and they sale the yield at very nominal prices. Internet has created a growing desire among people in rural India to be part of the modernization process.

Indian Farmers Checking market rate of their produce
Indian Farmers Checking market rate of their produce

“India is a country which has more than 600,000 villages and connecting these areas with internet broadband will have a paradigm shift,” says Sachin Pilot, the minister of state for communications and information technology. The success story of internet in rural India was when through optical fiber networks, the government connected Kanpura village to broadband internet. The village computer terminals are free of cost and help farmers to negotiate better prices at the local market.
In digital India, some big names are Just Dial, BharatMatrimony, HomeShop18 and These businesses have flourished due to internet and stands as inspirations for business groups who aspire to grow big via internet.
Just Dial is a voice and web based information portal that has become an essential part of hectic metro life. It provides local search services over the Phone, Web, Mobile and SMS. The mobile platform of Just dial permits location-based search service that provides details of businesses in and around the user’s location. Just dial make persons to know the particular thing. Just dial Android application was introduced by the company in 2011. The Android users can search for latest movies, restaurants and more by using this application. It also pinpoints the current location of the user through the phones in built GPS, which in turn provides the users with mapping and navigation features. Businessmen can also add their listings into the Just dial database through this application.
Though Bharat matrimony has offices located at various parts of Indian cities, the lifeline of this organization is internet. From uniting people in matrimony, BharatMatrimony has evolved into one of the Leading Internet Groups in India. The vision of the group is to be a dominant brand for Consumer Services through Internet and Mobile in India.
HomeShop18 is the pathfinder of the new generation shopping. It is a virtual shop where people can explore a retail store from the ease of home. It provides us with the facility of online payment and free home delivery service.

Last but not the least we have It came up with an online network to sort out the travel related hassles. Gone are those days when we need to stand in long queues to reserve tickets. It is the largest Online Bus Ticket Agent in India. RedBus has crossed the one-crore (10 Million) mark in the number of tickets sold in July 2012. It has over 2 million registered users and is rapidly approaching the $200 million GMV (gross merchandize value) mark.

Thus Internet is your true business partner if you want to gain comparative advantage over your competitors and establish yourself as a smart business person in smart India.